About Us


The foundation mission and projects are supported by passionate and value-driven advisors, mentors and coaches. They assist the foundation in educational activities and building bridges between universities and business. They also support young entrepreneurs in establishing sustainable and innovative ventures, and entering foreign markets.

The foundation structure includes: Program Committee, Advisors & Mentors, and Impact Ambassadors.

Dr Katarzyna Wilk, President & Founder

Katarzyna is an educator, expert in sustainability and sustainable finance, author of policy and academic publications. Previously, she was a policy adviser at the European Commission, Bureau of European Policy Advisers, and long-tem collaborator of the Polish Academy of Sciences. She taught at Yale, Ohio State University and EOI in Madrid. Katarzyna received a PhD from Yale, Environmental Policy and Sustainable Dev. Certificate from Harvard, and MA from Warsaw School of Economics. 


Advisors actively support the foundation’s educational activities, and assist start-ups in their sustainable business growth and foreign expansion.

Prof. Witold Wiliński – CEO at Warsaw Stock Exchange Tech (GPW Tech) & Professor at Warsaw School of Economics

Scott Richards, CFA, RFM – Principal at CrossBoundary

Prof. Christine Goeckel – SRH Berlin University of Applied Sciences

Piotr Zawadzki, MBA – Director CEE, SEE & Nordics, FujiFilm Healthcare




Maria Górecka, LLM – CCO at Swiss Partners

Marta Filipowicz, MBA – CEO & Founder 100 Stories

Karol Brodziński, MBA, CFA – CFA Society Switzerland, Chair Careers Cmte.

Wojciech Dudziak – Head of Operations, PZU Cash SA

Eva Galant – CEO & Founder of Hashiona

Robert Kowalski, MBA  CEO & Co-Founder at Gyfted

Impact Ambassadors 


Impact Ambassadors are students engaged in our projects, who are devoted to sustainability and want to make a positive impact.