The foundation educational activities focus on sustainability, sustainable finance and impact investing as well as innovation. We support universities in designing sustainable finance courses and collaborate in the field of ESG, SDGs methodology development. We also support universities’ incubators and students in developing innovative and impact ventures.

The foundation provides free educational materials through the SIL Library and SIL Videos Platform.

This project is executed in collaboration with our business and academic Partners, and Swiss Impact Lead GmbH.

Sustainable Finance Courses 

We offer expertise and assistance in developing university sustainable finance courses and seminars, covering: integration SDGs into core, ESG insights and analysis, ESG/impact investing, and EU sustainable finance regulations. 

ESG & SDGs Methodology 

We collaborate with universities in the field of ESG and SDGs methodology development, seeing it as an immanent part of necessary improvements in the field of sustainable finance and impact investing.  

Support for Start-Up Incubators

The foundation actively supports accelerators associated with universities in designing SDGs/sustainability-aligned programs, and aiming at developing scalable impact ventures. We offer our expertise, business advise and mentoring, and share our international experiences.


Please check our trainings offering for educators in the area of Sustainable Finance, SDGs Integration into Core, and ESG Analysis & Integration. For more information, please click the button below. 

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