The foundation offers the SIL Certification™ program for start-ups interested in integrating SDGs/impact into core. Throughout the program, we support start-ups in their sustainable growth and development, and internationalisation. 

The program is executed in collaboration with our business Partners and Swiss Impact Lead GmbH

SIL Certification™ Program

The program is conducted in English and includes: start-up impact assessment, mentoring and team coaching, trainings, and impact strategy development. All requirements need to be fulfilled within a period of 4 months. 

1. Start-Up Impact Assessment

We perform an initial impact assessment in order to verify whether or not sustainability impacts are embedded in a start-up business model, and/or whether there is a potential to develop them further. 

2. Mentoring & Coaching 

While our value-driven mentors support start-ups in growth, development and internationalization, our passion-driven coaches assist your team in strenghtening trust, resilience as well as maintaining a sense of accountability and mission, so you remain well-prepared for future challenges. 

3. Impact Strategy Development

We assist you in developing an impact strategy, aligned with sustainability principles and UN SDGs, with measurable and verifiable outcomes. Thanks to this you gain an advantage vis a vis your competitors and become even more attractive for responsible investors.

4. SIL Trainings & Readings 

Our trainings are tailored-made for start-up founders. They provide an additional expertise in sustainable growth and development, and foreign market entrance, with a focus on the Swiss market. Participants also receive a set of short thematic readings. 

All trainings are pre-recorded and available via the SIL Videos Platform. Please click the button below to learn more.

We look for early-stage ventures or start-ups, with: 

  • innovative business model
  • focus on social or environmental challenge
  • working product with initial traction and revenue
  • full-time dedicated team
  • integrated impact or intention to integrate it

We focus on high potential sectors, including: 

  • healthcare, well-being
  • resource efficiency, pollution
  • fin- and insurtechs
  • food, agriculture
  • business infrastructure, productivity
  • mobility, smart cities
  • housing, green building
  • education, sport
  • work, inequality

Throughout the process you meet best practitioners, master your entrepreneurship skills and gain:

  • access to key stakeholders and capital
  • impact strategy development
  • team strengthening
  • business development
  • warm and inclusive atmosphere

Do you want to build an impact start-up and meet responsible investors? 

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